Crisalix VR 3D Imaging

Wondering what your breasts could look like after breast cancer surgery or cosmetic augmentation surgery? This revolutionary technology helps you see realistic, colour images of what your breast could look like post-procedure.

Crisalix VR 3D Imaging System

Crisalix is a virtual reality 3D plastic surgery imaging solution, providing simulations for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation.

See what your breasts can potentially look like

With Crisalix VR 3D Imaging, you can now see what your breasts could potentially look like after augmentation surgery in a realistic virtual image.

The software also offers the ability to experiment with different implants that are available on the market until you are completely happy with your choice.


Helping breast cancer patients plan for the future

For those undergoing breast cancer surgery, the most useful part of Crisalix 3D is the ability to assess the patient’s breast volume and shape prior to removing the breast. We can then place the tissue expander until radiotherapy treatment is completed (if needed at all) and finally, we can insert the the final implant, which would be the original size and shape of the patient’s breast.

How It Works

Clinical Application

Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh

Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh is a Sydney-based breast cancer surgeon and is dedicated to translating the latest evidence-based, surgical and non-invasive medical science into individualised patient care.


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