Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

With an aesthetic approach to breast cancer removal and breast conservation, Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh focuses on the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Specialist Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

Oncoplastic breast cancer surgery is the surgical approach for breast cancers that improves cosmetic outcomes.

To achieve this, breast cancer surgeons combine breast cancer tumour removal (a wide local excision or partial mastectomy) and plastic surgery techniques (reconstructive surgery) at the same time as performing breast conservation surgery.

How It Works

There are many different oncoplastic approaches that the surgeon can use to reshape the breast after removing the cancer. These choices are tailored to the cancer’s location and size, as well as an individual woman’s breasts, body, and preferences.

Oncoplastic surgery techniques are generally used to either:

  • Rearrange nearby breast tissue to fill in the space left behind after the cancer is removed to prevent “dents” and place the scar where it is less visible.
  • Remove the breast tissue containing the cancer and combine this procedure with a breast reduction, a breast lift, or both.
  • Remove the breast tissue containing the cancer and reconstruct the breast using implants or tissue from elsewhere in the body.

If necessary, the surgeon can make adjustments to the other breast to create a balanced appearance.

Benefits of Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery gives patients confidence in knowing they can have their cancer removed while preserving the physical appearance of their natural breasts during one surgery, without leaving the breast distorted or asymmetric.

Am I a Candidate?

Not all patients will be suitable for oncoplastic surgery, but every opportunity should be taken to discuss the use of oncoplastic surgery to improve the cosmetic outcome preoperatively.


Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh

Sydney surgeon and educator, Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh specialises in breast, endocrine, and general surgery. He brings together the latest in surgical techniques and non-invasive treatments with a careful consideration for each patient and their unique circumstance.

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