Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh


Specialist General & Breast Cancer Surgeon Sydney

Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh is a specialist general and breast surgeon. His primary goal is the wellbeing of his patients.

Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh’s skillset is based on extensive training and experience in renowned hospitals, both internationally and locally. He is dedicated to translating the latest evidence-based, surgical and non-invasive medical science into personalised patient care.

Whether you require a consultative appointment or a complex procedure, Dr Cohen-Hallaleh will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your medical journey.



Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh


If you are browsing this site, chances are that you (or a relative or friend) are looking for the opinion of a specialist breast or general surgeon. This can be a difficult time for many, and the right information can provide you with some comfort as you consider your treatment options. ​

For breast patients, Dr Cohen-Hallaleh has an aesthetic approach to treating patients with benign and cancerous breast conditions, using the latest surgical techniques and minimally invasive treatments. He takes careful consideration with each case, based on patients’ unique circumstances, and uses advanced reconstructive techniques to ensure the natural form and shape of the breast is preserved as much as possible.

As a general surgeon, Dr Cohen-Hallaleh performs a wide range of procedures, such as hernia surgery and gastro-intestinal surgery (including gall bladder removal, gastroscopies, and colonoscopies). He also performs endocrine surgery such as removal of thyroids and parathyroids.

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